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  • Not just getting from A to B quickly and cheaply   

    Not just getting from A to B quickly and cheaply   

    ProRail was not at the top of her list when Maam van der Blij went to apply for a job. So how did she – after a Double Degree in Logistics and a Master of Science in London – end up on that track anyway? 

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    Sustainable Last Mile

    The focus of this whitepaper is on how e-commerce companies can incentivize their customers to choose a more sustainable delivery option by finding out what the customers want. 

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    Invest in logistical data analytics capabilities

    Want to stay ahead of your competitors? Then invest in logistical data analytics capabilities! A whitepaper on becoming resilient and gaining competitive advantage. 

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    Disruptive effects of COVID-19 on modern supply chains

    This paper aims to analyze how companies have responded to changes in supply and demand and to examine what lessons have been learned from this crisis so far.

  • Placement & Graduation overview

    Placement & Graduation overview

    Worldwide overview of placements and graduations of Built Environment and Logistics students.

  • First steps towards Zero-Emission Maturity Model

    First steps towards Zero-Emission Maturity Model

    With the approach of the zero-emission zone implementation in 30-40 cities mandated by the Dutch climate agreement in 2025, comes the need to determine whether the SMEs located within these zones are aware of...

  • The Ikigai project

    The Ikigai project

    Part of the curriculum of the first-year Logistics students is the Ikigai project. After all, the study programme is not just about theory, but also about your personal development.

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    EFLE conference

    EFLE aims to enhance international awareness and knowledge sharing amongst teachers, researchers, administration and students of educational institutions in the field of Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain...

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    Knowledge Distribution Centre Logistics

    Every year many students complete their studies in Logistics via a company internship or graduation research.

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    BLOKKO mania in Oman

    The Logistics domain has already been working closely together with MEC, Middle East College (MEC) in Muscat, Oman since 2015 and since 2018 MEC has been offering BUas’ Logistics Management bachelor’s programme...

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    Event Logistics: analysis for festivals

    In june 2018 2nd year students organised a small closing ceremony relating their profiling project "Event Logistics".

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    Medicine worth 180 million thrown away yearly

    What do you do with your unused medicine? Reusable medicine worth €180 million are thrown away on a yearly basis.

  • BUas introduces autonomous delivery robot

    BUas introduces autonomous delivery robot

    September 2020 marked the start of the practical trial of an electrical and autonomous driving delivery robot at Breda University of Applied Sciences' (BUas) new campus. The robot distributed various, non-food...

  • Professorships ABEL domains

    Professorships ABEL domains

    Paul van de Coevering, 'Urban Intelligence' Professor, and 'Smart Cities & Logisitcs' Professor Hans Quak presented their ambitions and specific plans for applied research in November 2020. These professorships...

  • BUas students initiate Urban Farming in Breda 

    BUas students initiate Urban Farming in Breda 

    We produce in a city, and we consume in the same city. A self-sufficient model, to reduce unnecessary handling and transportation, and to increase sustainability of our cities.  

  • The future of delivery drones

    The future of delivery drones

    The slow collapse of the drone delivery dream. Will they ever take-off?  

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    The contractors’ nightmare – became a reality?

    Impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain in the construction field.

  • The “post-Covid” era of logistics

    The “post-Covid” era of logistics

    Since March 11, 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has been recognized as a pandemic by the WHO. The world went into lockdown, borders started to close, and the global logistics suffered a big impact.

  • Piles of Clothes - Reverse Logistics

    Piles of Clothes - Reverse Logistics

    These days, everybody orders clothes online. Fewer people are going to the stores to buy clothes. That is a big change if you look back ten years ago. Nowadays many stores have their online stores where...

  • Data communication as digital fuel for the logistic chain

    Data communication as digital fuel for the logistic chain

    An overview, insight and roadmap for profitable digital collaboration.