First steps towards Zero-Emission Maturity Model

First steps towards Zero-Emission Maturity Model

09/14/2022 - 09:27

With the approach of the zero-emission zone implementation in 30-40 cities mandated by the Dutch climate agreement in 2025, comes the need to determine whether the SMEs located within these zones are aware of the coming changes.
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  • Kennis

The zero emission zones are set to change how city logistics is currently being executed with the aim of decreasing emissions in the city centre by transitioning to zero emission vehicles and optimizing deliveries to create less flows. However, it is currently unclear whether small to medium businesses located within these zones know about the new regulations within their local municipalities.

This article delves into the initial results of The Zero-Emission City Logistics Maturity QuickScans which are used to facilitate the determination of the maturity of small to medium enterprises in light of zero-emission city logistics operations.

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